Lutron helps you produce the Right Environment with lighting, shade, and temperature controls that adapt to your changing needs. Lutron has a wide range of solutions for your space, your budget, and your performance requirements.

Lutron Serena ShadesWith countless options, no project is too large when it comes to custom lighting and motorized shade applications with Lutron. From single room applications to entire home systems with multiple zones and scenes, our experts will design a functional and easy to use system. With customized switches and keypads to match the room and multiple shade colors, styles, and fabrics, your system will blend in beautifully with the rest of your home or business.

We make it possible to create and maintain the perfect room ambiance and keep your space energy-efficient by automating your window shades and blinds. You can also have your custom lighting work with our motorized shades to create the absolute perfect setting for your space. The shades, along with your lighting, can be scheduled and/or triggered by room temperature, occupancy, etc. Lutron’s shade options are quiet, synchronized, and attractive.

Lutron RadioRA 2