Who We Are

Santa Barbara Smart Home is a division of Central Coast Audio Visual based out of Carpinteria, CA. We specialize in smart home infrastructure, installation, and programming. Working with both residential and commercial clients since 2009, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service available. 

Why Smart Home

 Home automation system can control audio and video functions as well as lighting control, HVAC thermostat control, motorized shade control, gates, doors, pools, and more. 

The benefit to installing a centralized smart home system is that your home is controlled with one customized app, for a simple user experience.  


 Having spent years working with all the different control systems, we have solidified our focus on Savant smart home control system. Founded in 2005, Savant’s goal is providing the best experience in home automation. 

Smart Home Services

The Savant smart home system allowing the homeowner the ability to quickly and easily create their own scenes directly from an Ipad. Set the lighting, close the shades, turn on your favorite tunes and hit Capture and there’s your romance scene for the weekend! 


Easily browse, change artists, add artists and adjust volume all from a single app.


No longer do you enter a home and see 10 light switches and have no idea what they control. 


Motorized shades are an easy way to automate the shades in your home. Schedule them to closet while you’re out during the day to keep the house cool or maybe have them automatically rise with your alarm in the morning for a pleasant start to your day.  


Simple integration of your heating and cooling is an easy add on to any smart home.


With any good smart home system, all the video equipment will be centralized in a network closet or basement and distribute video throughout the home.